Interviews with Great Folks #22: Davida of Xerography Debt

June 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

When did you start writing zines? 

I started publishing in 1995. I started reading zines in 1994 and eventually took the plunge.

Why did you start writing zines?

I had just finished school (art degree) and was underemployed. I wanted a creative outlet. I had also recently moved (again). Most of my existing social life revolved around the mail, so zines fit into that.

Do you have any influences? 

Tons – Tom Robbins, William Morris, Mel Brooks, but somehow none of that is overtly apparent in my zines.

What do you write about?  

I started out writing a per-zine, but once it got too personal/intense decided to focus on other projects. There is such a thing as too much catharsis. I started a zine review zine in 1999, which has published consistently since then. We just published issue #33. I have also published 4 issues of a pop culture/horror/zombie zine with a couple collaborators. Occasionally I contribute to other zines, but the article content is all over the place. I also write about publishing matters for my day job.

Why are zines important to you?

They remain a relevant source of independent thought and unheard voices. They are tangible.

Recommend a zine(s)  

Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore!


Syndicate Product

Solemn Feats of the Atomic Tourist

– tOM

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