Newly Added Zines 6/11/2013

June 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here’s a list of the zines we added on 6/4/2013. To view our collection in its entirety, visit

Blind date & cyborg sweetie– Alana Kumbier and David T.

“Alana and David, a couple with type 1 diabetes and a visual impairment, respectively, discuss dating while disabled. While they each describe their individual medical histories, and the ways in which they have coped with and adjusted their lives for their invisible disabilities, they also focus on how they have integrated their impairments into their relationship together, even from the very beginning on their OK Cupid profiles. This zine also includes queer femme fashion tips for diabetic women, stories about biking with a handicap, and hand drawn illustrations to accompany the textual content.”

Grixly #18 – Nate McDonough

“Twelve-page photocopied minicomic. Andy wakes up with a hangover and a bad case of the munchies, and spends most of this issue seeking out junk food of various kinds. Along the way, he manages to impress the morning shift newbie at the Taco Hut with his “that creepy guy” potential. He also has an amusing encounter with the sign for the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh before heading for a surreal ending when a friend offers him a ride home.”

Grixly #16 – Nate McDonough

A mini comic that goes through a day with Nate and all the wacky things that go on.

The Struggler #2  – Sarah Danforth

The Struggler deals with the prison system. It has letters from prisons and essays on the topic of prison.

The East Village Inky #16 -Ayun Halliday

“Issue Sixteen — In which the younger members of the household experience a slight spike in babysitting due to their mother’s ambition to experience some of the Noo Yawk City glamour a-swirl around her Tony Award winning husband.”

The East Village Inky #17 -Ayun Halliday

“Issue Seventeen — In which a 37-year-old Hoosier city-dude, a three-thumbed self-taught swimmer and a two-year-old suckling with crazy baby hair return from the wilds of Cape Cod to start kindergarten, make a lot of demands and forsake the butcher.”

The East Village Inky #20 -Ayun Halliday

“Issue Twenty — In which several birthdays in the Borough of Kings cause our anti-heroine to reflect upon the ball of mystery and satisfaction that once made her the most sought after party guest in Indianapolis, Indiana.”

– tOM

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