Newly Added Zines 6/4/2013

June 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here’s a list of the zines we added on 6/4/2013. To view our collection in its entirety, visit

Show Me the Money #12 Tony Hunnicut   “The Connection Between the US Government Debt, Russia’s bankruptcy and the Dismantling of Social Programs Worldwide; Updates on ‘Operation Infinite War’; ‘Free Trade is not Free’; ‘Marx does not hold the answer to this one’; plus more!” – front cover

Show Me the Money #10 Tony Hunnicut   “Tell us the Working Person’s history of the Great Depression!” – front cover

Show Me the Money #9 Tony Hunnicut   “So this explains how the Federal Reserve keeps us in economic slavery, as well as explaining the S & L rip-off of the ’80s and ’90s, plus an update on the scams currently run by the financiers! No wonder I’m depressed!!” – front cover

Show Me the Money #8 Tony Hunnicut   “Break the Bonds of Slavery! Hear how the Transnational Corporations enslave!! See how you’ve been enslaved!! Touch the truth of it all!! Feel the injustice of it all!!” – front cover

Show Me the Money #7 Tony Hunnicutt   “Another voice raised in protest of the current economic system.” Special New Year Double Issue including: History of Debt Finance Pt II; Usury: Engine of Destruction; The Trouble with TV and Other Media. – front cover

I Dreamed I Was Assertive #13 Celia Perez   “In this issue of Celia’s handwritten and illustrated zine, she writes about distributing her father’s ashes, collecting things for her son to use in craft projects, her 39th birthday, issues around privacy in zines as her son gets older (and she wants to respect his narrative) and a list of luck & faith charms. Celia also reviews books in the Sweet Valley High series.”

Fashion Illustrations by D. ‘Jame Public Collectors   “These drawings by a fashion illustrator or designer named D. ‘Jame come from the collection of Michael Thomas, an artist based in Chicago. Thomas found the drawings at a thrift store in Chicago, located on Broadway Avenue near Devon. He writes: “They were priced at $5 per drawing. I could only afford one and was unable to decide. The owner of the store said he was tired of having them around and I could buy them all for $20. There are thirty-three drawings. He said there had been more, but they had been sold.” The drawings are dated from 1970-77.

The store owner purchased the drawings as part of a lot at an estate sale in Northern Indiana. No other information about D. ’Jame is known.

This booklet was produced for the exhibition “Archival Impulse” at University of Illinois at Chicago, which includes all of D.’Jame’s drawings from Michael’s collection, as well as additional collections on loan from other Public Collectors participants.”

Public Phenomena: Informal Modifications of Shared Spaces Temporary Services

“Public Phenomena took ten years to complete and only 1,750 copies were printed by Half Letter Press. The book is an amazing survey of handmade “modifications and inventions” that people create in public space. There’s over 150 pages of photographs and essays in the book that cover a wide range of themes including roadside memorials, makeshift barriers, handmade basketball hoops, plant protectors and more. Sara and I found the book to be absolutely fascinating and incredibly life affirming and inspiring. We’re confident that you’ll love the book, but if you don’t, all you have to do is return it to us and we’ll refund your money. Public Phenomena $15.00 by Temporary Services Chicago: Half Letter Press. 2008 Pages: 152 Dimensions: 8.5” x 5.5” Cover: soft Binding: perfect bound, sewn Process: digital Color: color cover, full color Edition Size: 1750 ”

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