Newly Added Zines 4/9/13

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Here’s a list of the zines we added today. To view our collection in its entirety, visit .

The Fury #16 – Mark Novotny

“The Fury #16 has birthed forth from the womb of a bedroom in midwestern america. Finally, you will be able to know how to live your life correctly.
In the tradition of the Dada, The Futurists, The Diggers, comes a voice of merriment, rebellion, and honesty in the physical restraints of a quarter sized, 52 page publication.
Witness the majesty of the well crafted iconography. Not unlike store front christmas presents, decorated nicely with nothing inside. MRR and Punk Planet have in the past praised it’s genius, placing them on top ten lists. But The Fury holds no regard for their opinion, for it knows the bosomy love of the people of the streets is it’s own reward.
Included within are several essays and stories which will prod your imagination and enrage your hormones. A tale of vagrancy on the campus of a Ivy League school recalling the magnificent story telling of London’s “To Build a Fire” or Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, A scathing manifesto on the state of zines today, cultural critique of today’s recorded musical products, A historical discussion of the delinquency of rock n’ roll, also scenes in which band practice is broken up by a fight on the street, another in which, while living in S. Korea, a foreigner pesters our beloved narrator about obtaining prostitutes. ” –

The Fury #18 – Mark Novotny

“It features interviews with: Dez Cadena of Black Flag
Nation of Ulysses(reprint)
Antioch Arrow (reprint)
Touring with Volcano! in Europe, and 97 Shiki in Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Singapore
The punk photography of Bill Daniel
articles on Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the CIA’s promotion of abstract art, the state of the protest, writings on music, assorted stories, outdated record reviews, and a ton of photos.” –

The Fury #19 – Mark Novotny

“Awesome, a new issue of The Fury! Definitely one of my favorite zines out there. The writing is top notch and Mark is one of the few people in zinedom who does cut and paste in a tasteful and artistic way. This issue is more on the personal side of things, but I don’t mind, as this is not some Cometbus knockoff: thoughts on returning back home after extended time away, and how everything has changed, a piece on Providence, RI, Jim Groce, and how things have changed in the realm of punk/hardcore/whatever with the Fireside Bowl as the backdrop. A lot of insight and things to ponder. What’s put forth is universal to anyone who is alive at all today. ” ––32-pgs-

The Fury #20 – Mark Novotny

“I used to write off zines like this (and this is what Freud calls “projection”), but actually, who cares how much this writing style is ripped from Cometbus? Things are framed with the same cracked, dirty, rose-tinted glasses and phrased with a very similar rhythm, but the writer is an excellent ruminator on life and punk, someone who deeply feels the world before trying to fight it out onto the page, and it makes most of the pieces in here great. Of course it could benefit from not sharing so much with a well-known voice, but if those are the tools Mark uses best, I’d say the trade-off is worth it. My favorite was the one-two punch of a queasy, scrunched face made at one-night stands (a deliberately self-reflective and un-“cool” stance) followed by the story of facing the reality of senseless violence, all drawn from one clarifying moment while out walking with a good friend—a story that gives perspective on a great deal of factors that run throughout the lives of confused, angry men (good and bad) who find themselves drawn to punk. A solid effort, sung in a familiar style but with fresh, thoughtful lyrics. ” –

The Fury #21 – Mark Novotny

“Shots of Black Pus, HeWhoCorrupts, Failures, 97-Shiki, What Happens Next?, Coping, Arcing, Nana Grizol, The Psalms, KungFu Rick, Pink Houses, The Broadways, Piebald, La Mantra de Fhiqria, Bad Banana, Joie de Vivre, Empire! Empire!, Trepan Nation, 7 Days of Samsara, John Brown Battery, and Converge.” –

Kill YR Parents Garden #4 – Macklin

“This issue is pretty bulky and a lot more punk-focused. I’m pretty proud of the results. 1/2 sized b/w photocopied on recycled paper. 54 pages.
-ROBBY KOMEN (Sea of Shit/Hated Skates) interview
-RAPExREVENGE interview
-PUNX AND NORMS opinion pieces by various punx
local skating, reviews, and other graphic goodness.” –

Kill YR Parents Garden #5 – Macklin

“It is finally here, the fifth installment of Kill Yr Parent’s Garden. This issue features a color, handstamped cover. Yes, I handstamped all of these. It took fucking forever. What’s on the inside… Interviews with Puerto Rican punk veterans TROPIEZO, skate punk GREG HARBOUR, coverage of bands such as DEATHRATS, STATE VIOLENCE, THE OUTS, POISON PLANET, BROKEN PRAYER, SUCKED DRY, and a few others.. McHenry skater KENT GROVES, write-ups on why Thrasher sucks and why white people suck just as much, along with reviews and a few other goodies.” –

Kill YR Parents Garden #6 – Macklin

-Vegan Skate Blog interview
-Think Cthonic interview
-Ian Mackaye/Thrasher reprint
-Chicago show space directory
-MI show review
-tons of bands like Outlook, Xtra Vomit, Cloud Rat, etc. etc.
+some more” –

Welcome to the Midwest – Macklin and friends

“BEST of 2012 collaboration between myself (KYPG), Max Tha Life (As Boredom Sets In), Jack B. (Banned), and Tyler B (Potential Friends)
All Chicago/Illinois punx who do fanzines talking about our favorite things of 2012! 30ish pages, 1/4 sized. Mixtape are tunes that obviously… have to do with 2012.” –

Deafula #5 – Kerri

“this issue is an interview with my mom on what it’s like to be a hearing parent raising a deaf child. this is a conversation between me and my mom about discovering my hearing loss as a child, what it was like navigating hearing loss thirty plus years ago, & a lot more.” –

Mixtapers Do It Better Zine #4 – Karen

“A zine about the glorious art of making mix tapes. Zine includes helpful hints, stories about  mix    tapes, Do’s and Dont’s,guest columns, and music talk.” –

Jesse Owens #1 – Karen

“There is no way i can explain this zine without making it seem lame and/or unlike any other zine.It’s a zine where i tell stories.  But  many people have told me that it reads just like how i tell stories in real life…which is good???” –

Jesse Owens #2 – Karen

Karen in this issue writes about her neighbor Jeff. Jeff is a 30-year-old guy who uses the word ‘dude’ at the beginning and ending of every other sentence. Karen has only seen him in basketball jerseys and flip-flops, all year around. I want to spoil it for you and tell you all about it but I won’t!

Santa Pants – Karen

Everyone has that one embarrassing story. Well Karen made a zine out of it.

– tOM

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