Newly Added Zines – 3/26/13

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here’s a list of the zines we added today. To view our collection in its entirety, visit .

When I Get There… It Will Have Been Worth the Trip – Laney

‘When I Get There… It Will Have Been Worth the Trip’ is a local Pittsburgh zine filled with stories and poetry.

War Wagon #2 – Michelle Antisocial

This issue of War Wagon is about Michelle going on tour by herself. She writes about each stop on tour and about being lonely on the road.

On the Cusp

This is the third issue of On the Cusp, revolving around the theme ‘echo.’

Time to Die

‘Time to Die’ is a comic zine with one page comics with spooky portraits of creepy cartoonist.

Mental Riot

“mental riot is a collection of thoughts, stories, images, rantings, obscenities and propaganda poorly thrown together as a collage zine” – back cover

Gertrude Stein (from the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes) – Eloisa Aquino

“Gertrude Stein was an American hero, one full of contradictions. She was at the center of European avant-garde, and is considered one of the first novelists to touch gay themes. Her life and work is celebrated in this little tome through hilarious anecdotes and tales of Stein and her lifetime lover, Alice Toklas.” –

It’s a Lifetastic Life

‘It’s a Lifetastic Life’ is full of funny little mad libs.

Gladys Bentley (from the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes) – Eloisa Aquino

“The jazz musician Gladys Bentley was a larger-than-life character during the incredible times of the Harlem Renaissance. This bio matches extraordinary stories of a rich period of American gay and cultural history to beautiful ink drawings.” –

Neckmonster #8 – Cheyenne Neckmonster

“my personal zine.  All-to-brief overview of events of my life in Philadelphia, a broken ankle, and some obituaries.  Also two pages about doing Vans Warped Tour, though I could have written a whole book on it.” –

Neckmonster #2 – Cheyenne Neckmonster

“my personal zine.  About midsummer 2002, when a lot of people died.  Also, ruminations on the Southern Girls Convention and starting college.  My friend Dan contributed to this issue.” –

Neckmonster #5 / Self Destructor #6 – Cheyenne Neckmonster and Will

“split zine with my friend Will.  Weird layout.  Handwritten musings on how theories of physics relate to my emotional state by me. Typed musings on life by Will.” –
Self Destructor is full of poetry

Scribble Faster #2 -Megan Gerrity

“The second issue of my personal zine. Scribble Faster #2 is stories about love thinly disguised as stories about music. And vice versa. It covers music and crushes and melodies and heart break and repair and lots and lots of favorite songs.” –

Mine #2: An Anthology of Reproductive Rights – Merrydeath Stern

“Merry Death has compiled another emotionally stunning collection of women’s stories dealing with clinical abortion, childbirth, forced sterilization, RU486, herbal abortion, illegal abortion, contraceptives, and more. It’s difficult subject matter that will no doubt evoke an emotional response. All of the articles in this text-heavy compilation are tied together by themes of guilt, empowerment, frustration with the doctors, and coming to terms with difficult decisions. ” –



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