Zine Review – Tributaries #3 by J.C.

January 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Tributaries #3 by J.C.

J.C. writes about having rheumatoid arthritis in her zine Tributaries. In this issue she writes about buying an adult-sized tricycle. She never learned how to ride a bike properly as a kid. J.C. tells her story from reading Amazon.com reviews, learning about putting it together, to finally getting out on the open road. Her partner JJ, an avid cyclist, takes her out around her neighborhood. J.C. learns fast the Maryland has more hills than her home state of Illinois. However she doesn’t let his hold her back. JC‘s description of riding her trike made me smile and reminded me why I love riding my bike.

J.C. points out that on the east coast we have an abundance of CVS pharmacies and historical markers in part two. While on her bike tours she writes about two. One she writes about is Commodores Stephen Decatur and James Barron dueling, which took place in her neighborhood in Maryland. The other is about the Rondout Train Robbery, a marker she saw but never stopped and read back home in Illinois.

In part three J.C. writes about having arthritis and trying to work around it in a relationship with a competitive cyclist. J.C. tells the story of having everything going well until JJ saw her as an anchor. JJ wanted to be able to get up and move at a drop of a hat, however JC likes the idea but her life does require a certain amount of stability. J.C. writes about the demise of the relationship in a positive light. She knows her disability is not a curse. JC will bike on.

I enjoyed this zine more than most personal zines I have read in the last year. She takes the reader into a world that is not talked about much in per-zines. She writes with a sincere tone, she doesn’t let her arthritis hold her back. Even when it does she bikes on. I look forward to more issues.


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