Newly Added Zines – 1/16/13

January 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

Here’s a list of the zines we added today. To view our collection in its entirety, visit .

Deafula #1 – Kerri

“Issue one is an introduction to how I lost my hearing, where I fit in on the deafness spectrum and in the Deaf community, and a helpful list on how to communicate well with any deaf people you might meet.” –

Deafula #2 – Kerri

“This issue covers health insurance, and how audiologist visits and hearing aids are never covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket by deaf/hard of hearing folks. It explores why this might be, and my own personal experience with not having insurance coverage for hearing related health costs.” –

Deafula #4 – Kerri

“The employment issue. This issue is all about how my hearing loss has related to my ability to get a job. Includes stuff about ssdi, ada compliance, and the ways in which being deaf has affected job searching and holding down a job for me.” –

Tributaries #1 – J.C.

“on foot surgery & fear of zombie-fication.” –

Tributaries #2 – J.C.

“tributaries #2 catalogs all the jobs i had before i figured out the type of career i wanted to pursue: librarianship. it touches on issues of disability in the workplace, having to wear bow-ties on multiple occasions, and how to figure out what’s next when your body limits what you can do.” –

Tributaries #3 – J.C.

“this zine focuses on a big purchase i made after moving to maryland last year: an adult-sized tricycle. i could never ride a bike as a person growing up with arthritis, so this was understandably exciting.
also has sections on historical markers i encountered both while riding my trike, and one remembered from youth. it ends with the story of the cyclist who broke my heart, and how having a disability can be both a blessing and a curse in a romantic relationship.” –


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