Interview with Great Folks #15: Cassie from Cat Power

December 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi! Tell us who you are!
My name is Cassie and I put together a submission based zine called Cat Power!

When did you start writing zines? Why did you start writing zines?
I think I started making Cat Power almost 2 years ago. It was the first zine I made and I started it because I had been touring with my band Run Forever and had been feeling a lot of frustration/anger about dealing with sexism. It felt like it had crawled its way into every facet of my life, and especially in to punk! I also had been reflecting on myself a lot and realized that I had internalized a lot of sexism by just always trying to be one of the guys and hating myself for being a lady. I had few lady friends and made few on the road so I wanted to make a zine to make connections with other ladies and reflect together/learn from each other.

What do you write about?
I always write one or two articles in Cat Power and its always a personal story about some sexist interaction I had. I also write a reflection in the beginning reflecting on how I feel about the zine itself at that point in time. My reasons for making it are always different. And than I also do a band list! There are tons of great bands out there with ladies involved and I think its inspiring to make a new list every time!

Why are zines important to you?
Zines are important because anyone can make them. There are no rules. I think so many art forms are controlled, but zines are powerful because its their imperfections that make them so meaningful.


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