Interview with Great Folks #14: JC from Tributaries

December 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi! Tell us who you are!

Hi! I’m JC and I write a zine called “tributaries.” I’m also a librarian. I work at a public library in Maryland, a job I moved from Illinois for. It’s the best.

When did you start writing zines? Why did you start writing zines?

I wrote a really terrible poetry zine with one of my friends in 2004 and wrote the first issue of “tributaries” in 2011 as part of an independent study in graduate school. I guess I started writing because I had a hard time talking about more personal things with people at the time. It became my way of introducing myself and my experience, even to people I’d known for awhile.

What do you write about?

I write about the experience of growing up with a physical disability- rheumatoid arthritis- and how that has shaped different aspects of my life. The most recent issue I have out there is about buying an adult-sized tricycle when I moved to Maryland last year, since I never learned to ride a bike. It also covers how my disability affected a serious romantic relationship that ultimately ended.

Why are zines important to you?

Zines are amazing because it’s a very intimate way of sharing what you think. I can read someone’s zine and have my heart stop and start a dozen times, then write them a letter and become friends. Sharing our ideas and experience is so vital.

Tell us anything you feel moved to!

I’m going on a zine tour in March! Myself and 3 rad ladies from Philly (Kerri of “Deafula”, Taryn Hipp of “Sub Rosa”, and Sarah Rose from Once Upon a Distro) will be taking a road trip to the Chicago Zine Fest and making stops along the way for zine readings. Check for updates soon!

Also, I’m up for trades and conversation! Literally. I stay up late.

Pick up a copy of JC’s zine at her Etsy store or come to the library to read a copy! (We’ll be getting them into the collection soooon.)

– tOM

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