Pittsburgh Zine Fest (part one)

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On September 22nd this year, Pittsburgh hosted it’s second zine fest. Here’s a list of what we scored from that day.

Cat Power #1

Cat Power #2

Cat Power #3

Cat Power is a submission-based zine that contains personal reflections and reactions to gender struggle and identity.

Mutual Paradise #1

Mutual Paradise #2

Mutual Paradise #3

Mutual Paradise is by Lizzee Solomon who is based out of Pittsburgh. Her comics are great and disturbing at the same time. I once heard someone describe them: “they make me want to puke but i like that about them.”

The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

“…it is a summation of the grievances expressed by the occupiers, it’s a call to action, but moreover it is the first edition in our Occupation Reader series chronicling this historic mile marker in the fight for social, environmental, and economic justice. ”

Burn Collector #9

Al continues the train wreck he calls life.

Second Annual 2012 Pittsburgh Zine Fair

The Vaporizer

Mike takes photos and adds his own art work to them.

Ghola #2

A collection of everything into one zine.

This Place is Weird

“this book is for the most part the result of my installation at the Revolving Museum’s permanent space premier exhibit ‘Comets in Clothing’.”

– taken from the inside cover

August 26, 1997 / A Day of Rebuilding

A split zine. Kristen’s side is about being transgendered in the 60s and 70s. Brian’s side has to do with body image.


Duncan is a spoken word performer, and Gig is a zine of his spoken word

Tryptazine #2

Tryptazine is a discussion and celebration of independent (and non-independent) forms of music, art, and culture. Written by passionate people that know what they’re talking about only half the time. We are fans.


A collection of short stories and photos of bands.

Transcendence #1

Transcendence is a submission zine that deals with transgender issues. It contains poetry and short stories

The Glovebox Chronicles #5

“If you have ever driven a car, taken a road trip, cursed the inventor of the combustible engine, or given your car a stupid name, The Glovebox Chronicles is for you. The car, with all of its inherent pain and pleasure offers many universal experiences and generally good stories. That’s what we’ve tried to capture here…”

Spaces in Time #1

A comic “based on an audio recording from saturday, may 1, 2012, in amherst ohio”. – taken from the inside cover

Spaces in Time #2

A comic “based on an audio recording from wednesday, june 16, 2010, at corky’s thomastown cafe on Arlington street in Akron, Ohio”. – taken from the inside cover

Spaces in Time #3

A comic ” based on audio recordings from the summer of 1999 inside the burrito buggy on union street in athens, ohio”. –  taken from the inside cover

Ker-bloom #65 – Artnoose

In the July-August 2010 issue of Ker-bloom, Artnoose writes about the power narrative has to represent the storyteller.

Battlefield Saints #2

Battlefield Saints is a collection of some of the best emerging artists who work, show & live in Western PA. Each poet, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and painter pours their heart out in a 4×8″ space.

Aye Caramba #1

A collection of short stories, essays and art work.

Antiques – Daniel Wyke

A cute comic about a kid who has to catch a shoplifting robot.

Always Comix: The Evil Issue – Erin Griffin

An anthology of comics with the theme of evil. Whether it’s two cats fighting in an alley with switchblades, or a lemonade stand with fresh-squeezed human souls, the 26 artists featured here keep this collection nefariously interesting. It’s wicked fun!

Georgi and the haunted minivan: Episode 1: Before

A small zine about ghost stories.

Non #1

A collection of comics.

Syndicate Product #16

A short perzine created in 24 hours for the 24 Hour Zine Month Challenge.  This zine contains a 3000 word essay and several digital collages about the allure of California, the Golden State, written entirely by me, making it my first true perzine in about 10+ years.

D.I.Y. “How to” Guide – Crimthinc

A how-to guide dealing with: silk screening, pirate radio, gardening, putting out records, wheat pasting, herbal remedies, scamming the post office, how to give directions to touring bands for stupid motherf*ckers, patch making, scamming photocopies, guitar intonation, making zines, booking tours, recepies, making blow-up creatures, making bombs.

AC Dickson’s Guide to eBay Powerselling – Andrew Dickson

Andrew Dickson plays the character, AC Dickson, who is obsessed with Ebay as a way to better humanity. He truly feels that Ebay will make lives better and serve as a tool for our generation to overcome massive layoffs and lack of job security. This zine lays out the nuts and bolts for what and how to sell on Ebay for profit, how to get health insurance, and how to turn it into a part-time business with a full-time income.

Rock Out: Ideas on Booking DIY Shows – Megan Wells

A how-to for ideas on booking DIY shows.

Staircase Wit #2  When there’s no more room in hell…. – Laura Lane
-how to tips for makeup and behavior
– snapshots from zombie fest in pittsburgh 2010
– short zombie stories
– real life analogy and more

Star Story – Thom DeLair

A story of a professor who can converse with the stars.

Plaw #2 – Thom DeLair

Baby Sitter Nightmare

Sugar Rush – Bree Chumley

A zine about dealing with diabetes.

Call Me Princesa!– Bree Chumley

Proclamations of brats.

Hen Tracks – Bree Chumley

A personal zine.

Adorn #17 – Bree Chumley

Looking back on a failed marriage.

Adorn #11 – Bree Chumley

Adorn #8 – Bree Chumley

Staircase Wit #4 : the Lucid Dreaming How-to Zine. – Laura Lane
-> in user-friendly language:
– describes what lucid dreaming is
– background/history of phenomenon
– technical information (what stage of sleep it occurs in, r.e.m. and a bit about that)
– supplies you need to successful start lucid dreaming
– induction techniques
– cultural references
– reasons why it’s fun and worthwhile to begin your journey into your dreams
– & of course a hand-picked list of recommended PHD equipped readings that get more
more in depth about the topic
– oh, and as always, a soundtrack list provided on the back cover for the issue

Bounty hunters & child predators: inside the FBI entrapment strategy – Crimethinc

Security Culture for Activists – Ruckus Society

While opponents (like governments and corporations) use technology to snoop, spy and test our effectiveness, this guide walks activists through security measures we can take to safeguard ourselves against those dirty deeds.

Exposing “Little Guantanamo”: Inside the CMU – Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan is an environmental rights activist currently serving a 7 year prison sentence for his involvement in a series of arsons attributed to the Earth Liberation Front. He was transferred to a CMU in Marion Illinois, a facility set up to house those who are facing terrorism charges. A CMU is a Communications Management Unit, a prison within a prison, where a person is on constant lockdown, their movements highly restricted. In Exposing Little Guantanamo, Daniel describes his experiences in the CMU, and how it differs from being in a “regular” Federal Corrections Institution. CMUs are the domestic equivalent to Guantanamo Bay, the US Government’s solution to the closing of the infamous foreign prison. This zine is a firsthand account of this newest development in the “war on terror”.

Resist the Grand Juries

This zine looks at Grand Juries in the context of the “Green Scare” harassment of environmental activists and provides an overview of that harassment combined with good, practical advice on what to do if you are subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury and/or approached by the FBI. This is basic, nuts-and-bolts information that everyone should know!

The Green Scare and the AETA 4 – Will Potter

School-to-Prison Pipeline – Rachel Williams

These zines feature the voices of youth affected by the juvenile justice system: The History of the Juvenile Court in IL, Girls in the System, Youth Stories (of the Incarcerated), and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. This zine series was developed in connection with “Unfinished Business–Juvenile Justice,” the community-curated exhibit at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, on view through August 2011.

more to come


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