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December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Help us build our archive of zines by people of color! Send us information about an older, new or upcoming zine and we’ll share it on this Tumblr. (
We publish every community submission. To make it easy for everyone to learn more about what you’re sharing, please follow this format:
1. Zine Name 2. Zine Author/s or entity name (If you know, if not it’s OK) 3. Release Date (actual date or date range, including year) 4. Origin (location of where the zine was created/released, such as city, state, country, etc.) 5. Link to access the zine or to read info about it, including your content information – This is critical: we may want to request a zine for donation to the archive (we also frequently purchase zines) or ask you some questions privately. 6. Description of the zine 7. What you like most about this zine 8. Your Tumblr name or preferred link so we can credit you.
IMPORTANT: We love sharing information about your zines on our digital platforms, but we are especially interested in accessing printed and digital copies for the archive.
If you have zines by POC you would like to donate to the POC Zine Project but don’t want to deal with this submission form, email for mailing instructions.
POC Zine Project will pay for the cost of shipping.
If you want to submit your zine anonymously, please indicate that this submission is anonymous by including “ANONYMOUS” in the title. We will need the following information even from anonymous submissions:
1. Zine Name 2. Release Date 3. Origin 4. Link to access the zine to download or purchase
Follow the steps above and be sure to include a note that you are not the author.
We publish most zine calls for submissions by POC only. To make it easy for everyone to learn more about what you’re looking for, please follow this format:
1. Zine Name (indicate if this is a temporary name) 2. Zine Editor/point of contact’s name and contact information 3. Description of the zine (is this brand new or part of a series, topics covered, etc.) 4. Submission Criteria (what are you looking for, what are the guidelines, etc.) 5. Submission Deadline 6. Related links with more information
We only accept zine submissions from people of color. If you are a white ally and would like to share a comp zine you created with POC, or a call for submissions, or any info related to POC zines, please send your inquiry through the ASK form:
Several U.S. universities and zine libraries use this Tumblr to identify new zines by people of color to add to their archive.
We encourage those folks to contact the zine creators directly in order to purchase inventory from them. We are not a distro.
If you are using this Tumblr as a resource, please share your stories with us:
The POC Zine Project is a 100% DIY, volunteer advocacy platform and experiment in activism and community through materiality. If you benefit from the services we provide, please consider making a donation to help support our efforts.
Send funds via PayPal or ask questions about snail mail donating using the following email address:

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