Interviews with Great Folks #9: Tom Dewing of Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot!

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi! Tell us who you are!

My name is Tom Dewing. I’m from Binghamton, NY but live in Pittsburgh, PA with my two dogs. I write the zine Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot!

When did you start writing zines? Why did you start writing zines?

I started writing zines in 2004. The reason I started my zine was because I just finished reading my friend’s zine OJ Killed Elvis. The way Mike Croft wrote about his experiences with his friends made me want to write a zine.  One day at college I was bored and the weather was terrible so I couldn’t go skateboarding. So I sat down and wrote about the fun stuff my friends and I did that summer. I just want to document fun times with my friends. I didn’t expect anyone to want to read it or enjoy it other than my friends.

What do you write about?

My zine Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! is a comic perzine. I draw comics about everyday things that go on in my life. Every issue is a collection of comics from life. I take everyday dialog and point out the humor within it. The zine started out as funny stories and has turned into a comic zine. Most of the comics are about my friends, my partner, my family, my dogs or funny interactions with strangers. I still want my friends to laugh. If I can get them to read it and laugh, I’m happy with that issue. I try and make sure that my stories don’t come off as inside jokes. I want everyone to be able to relate to them even if they ridiculous stories.


Why are zines important to?

Zine are important to me because you can do whatever you want. There is no wrong way to make a zine.

Tell us anything you feel moved to!

I run a distro with zines that I think are important. These zines contain information about subjects that I think are interesting. Even if they don’t deal with my life directly, they do with someone I know. Even if I don’t know someone who these topics deal with, I would want to be informed on them. I think everyone should read these zines. Not all of the zines in my distro are significant; some of the zines are by my friends. I want to promote their work. Also support your local infoshop!

Check out Tom’s zine and distro at

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