Newly Added Zines – 11/06/2012!

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s a list of the zines we added today. To view our collection in its entirety, visit .


Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! #12 – Tom Dewing

Comics of: trips to zine fests, my dog, asking if we’re best friends, nerf basketball hoop, a threatening email, what will you do when the apocalypse comes? and much more.
60 pages, The cover is 100% post consumer recycled paper. The cover was letter pressed by Artnoose at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse.

The Very Big Word Plan? – Annie Murray

A zine with funny and quirky short stories.

Empire City

It has been a couple of years since I lived in NYC and I always wanted to write about my time there, but never could get started. Some other project would come up and it would get pushed back. Recently I returned to the city for a visit and now live nearby and the memories came flooding back. Finally I just sat down and wrote the first sentence. Like a lot of things in life, all you have to do is start and the rest unfolds…. – Van

I Remember You – Bryan Riek

A personal zine by Bryan Riek about his time living with Mike Croft, of the zine OJ Killed Elvis. Mike was a great person and wild at times but had a big place in his heart for his friends. Bryan recounts his these times, good and bad. This zine is a personal look at a friendship from start to finish.

Our Lives! (Summer Stories ’08 Issue #1)  – Alex Loeb

The title doesn’t lie. This is full of fun summer stories. Basically romanticizing a slightly depressing and miserable summer. Travel plans cancelled in attempts to work and pay off financial debts. But instead is spent sitting around all summer and doing small road trips to hang out with friends. Good times. Bad times. It’s our lives. – Alex

Our Lives! (Memories Made In The Coldest Winter Issue #2) – Alex Loeb

This issue is slightly more depressing than the first. He talks about winter, working, being lonely, being cold etc. If you’re looking for another optimistic romanticized Evasion rip off, re-read the first issue until you’re ready for some Al Burian esque type stuff. – Alex

Ship of Fools #2 –  Emilja Frances

An autobiographical comic zine about 3 months in the life of Emilja. Dealing with: heartbreak, hanging out with friends, thinking all your friends have left but getting a reminder that they’re not all gone.


Ship of Fools #3Emilja Frances

An autobiographical comic zine about moving to Baltimore.


Ship of Fools #4 –  Emilja Frances

A three-part comic mini overarchingly about catching yourself adrift. The first section is all about trying to replace the anchors on your metaphoric boat, the second is a goodbye love letter to Baltimore, and the last part is a week long vegan punk tour diary comic

Black Hole

“Maybe the most depressing zine I’ve ever read. Its about looking at civilization and hating every little thing about it. No copyright. Intellectual property is of no value to me. I am just the person who happened to put these words in this order. The day I copyright something I’ll put a bullet in my head to celebrate.-Taken from the first page, how can you not want to read it?” –



– tOM


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