Interviews with Great Folks #5: Cindy Crabb

August 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi! Tell us who you are!

I am Cindy Crabb. I write the zine Doris, which has been Anthologized in two books, Doris: An Anthology, and The Encyclopedia of Doris. I also compiled and edited the zines Support, Learning Good Consent, and  Filling the Void.

When did you start writing zines? Why did you start writing zines?

I started writing zines in 1992, when I was 22. I had been involved in political organizing and trying to write political articles, but I hadn’t been to college and didn’t have the kind of education that the people I was working with had, and so I found it hard to write those kinds of articles. I wanted to get better at expressing my ideas and exploring my ideas, and also I wanted to bring in the emotions and experiences of every day life into politics. I wanted to share secrets and crack open the barriers that kept us from experiencing life fully; living and thinking fully. I had seen a couple zines, and it seemed like something I could do, and it was quick and fun.

What do you write about?

I write about my life, within a feminist and anarchist context. I don’t necessarily write specifically about political ideals all the time, but when i write about my personal life or ideas, I try to think of how my experiences and struggles could benefit others, and to see why I struggled with various things, how I overcame various difficulties. In the past I’ve written a lot about childhood sexual abuse survival, and family neglect, and the political/social space my parents and the people around me were raised in, the rape culture I grew up in, and how it all connects.

How do you think zines are different from other forms of writing e.g. blogs? Why are zines important to you and other people?

I, personally, like the art form of zines – cutting paper and using glue sticks and the manual typewriter, making collages. I find the type of writing I do on typewriter is very different than when I use the computer. The keys are harder to push, and I have to slow down my thoughts. Also I can’t constantly be cutting out sentences and moving them around and editing up a storm. I like to write and edit and type and edit and retype and then put it out there.

I am much less interested in reading blogs than zines. I always find myself clicking ahead and clicking on what other people thought or going to the next post before finishing the one I’m reading, in a way that I don’t when it’s a zine. Blogs feed in to my short attention span. Zines I tend to savor. And also can hand them to my friends and hang them from the clothsline- zine- display at our secret cafe.

Tell us anything you feel moved to!

Write a zine. Do it with thought and care an bravery.

Thank you, Cindy! Check out, lovely readers.

– Jude

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