Newly Added Zines – March 24

March 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Another batch of zines have found their way into the catalog–be sure to take a look!

(All of our zines are cataloged on LibraryThing –

Tales for a New Gen, Nick Marino
A literary zine with three short sci-fi tales from Justique Woolridge.
NoPants Zine Anthology, Nick Marino
An anthology of comics, letters, coloring book pages, and more.
Zombie Palin, Nick Marino
A webcomic that turns Sarah Palin into a zombie president.
Stick Cats #1.1, Nick Marino

Another webcomic, but this time it’s about cats with stick-shaped bodies.
Super Haters #1, Nick Marino
Yet another webcomic featuring two superhero-type characters.
Super Haters #2, Nick Marino
Yet another installment of the webcomic featuring unexpected superheroes.
Passage, Nick Marino
More sci-fi, courtesy of Nick Marino.
Shortandqueer #2, Kelly Shortandqueer
Kelly lists and illustrates things he does and does not like.
Shortandqueer #3, Kelly Shortandqueer
Over a period of 101 days, Kelly journals what was the best thing that happened to him on that particular day.
Shortandqueer #5, Kelly Shortandqueer
A continuation of issue #3.
Shortandqueer #7, Kelly Shortandqueer
Created for the Denver Zine Fest, this zine includes a random assortment of personal anecdotes.
Croq #8, Heather Mann
A DIY zine that includes instructions on making a wristlet, how to redecorate with no money, and tons more!

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