Pittsburgh Zine Fair 2013 Was Delicious.

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Pittsburgh Zine Fair 2013! Woot!

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It’s tomorrow, September 22nd at the Union Project! Find us and the Roboto Project zine collection folks in the zine-making space, with our respective collections and fun fun zine-making supplies.

From pghzinefair.com:

The 2013 Pittsburgh Zine Fair is set to take place at The Union Project on Sunday, September 22nd from 2pm to 8pm
This the 3rd annual zine fair in the city and exhibits work from local and regional zine-makers in addition to providing activities like unique workshops, demonstrations and thought-provoking panel discussions. Overall the zine fair strives to foster an environment to engage independent artists and writers in an experience that encourages personal expression along with gaining valuable knowledge of our community. This event is FREE to the public and will feature access to vast collections of zines from local organizations, zine vendors and lots of fun people!


We + Alien She

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We at CLP’s Zine Collection are excited to be a part of the programming related to CMU’s Alien She exhibition!

Oct. 30, Wed 6-8pm: Self-Publishing Panel + Discussion @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main, 4400 Forbes Ave.

Short presentations by people self-publishing across platforms – including podcasts, blogs, zines, artist publications, and TV shows – opening to a discussion on the unique properties and benefits of each format. Guests include Ayanah Moor and Raquel Rodriguez from Queer & Brown in Steeltown, Ginger Brooks Takahashi from LTTR and projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project, and Jon Rubin from WAFFLE SHOP.

Visit the Alien She exhibition prior to the panel, located 2 blocks east at 5000 Forbes Ave (at Morewood), open from 12-6pm.

Organized by the CMU School of Art and Carnegie Library, in connection with the Alien She exhibition at the Miller Gallery (which features work by Brooks Takahashi) and the zine collection at the Carnegie Library.

Newly Added Zines 9/8/13

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Here’s a list of the zines we added on 9/8/2013. To view our collection in its entirety, visit http://www.librarything.com/catalog/clpzines. A zine’s third tag in its LibraryThing record is the category under which you can find it on the shelf in our collection space.

Ask First – Cheyenne Neckmonster

“Just finished reading this zine. It was an amazing read. Succinct exploration of resources in the journey of healing through sexual assault, unlearning rape culture, learning to the nuances of survivor support, including the much overlooked subtleties like active listening, survivor empowerment, avoiding victim blaming.”

http://rachelmichellelee.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/ask-first-amazing-zine-by-chey… ?

Radical Mycology: An SLF Primer – Spore Liberation Front

“This zine by the Spore Liberation Front explores the numerous uses for mushrooms and their implications for ecoactivists and other Earth friendly folk. From food to medicine to paper and dyes to the study of mycorememdiation (the use of mushrooms to clean up oil spills and restore damaged habitats), this zine gives an overview of the greater fungi with a novel, radical perspective.”

http://radicalmycology.wordpress.com/publications/zine/ 2010

Mom Takes the Train to Pittsburgh, Has a Great Time, and Then Goes Home – Claudia McGill

Claudia documents her train trip from Philly to Pittsburgh in this zine. She includes some notes and train trip paraphernalia as well. 2013

Records as Portable Exhibitions and Interactive, Participatory Objects – Temporary Services

“This booklet focuses on vinyl records and their packaging that are either interactive and participatory, or that operate like portable exhibits.”

– intro 2013

Paper Blog 2 – Public Collectors

“Public Collectors is founded upon the concern that there are many types of cultural artifacts that public libraries, museums and other institutions and archives either do not collect or do not make freely accessible.

…This booklet consists of sample findings (or excerpts from publications) that were originally posted on the Public Collectors blog (publiccollectors.tumblr.com).”

– back cover 2012

Keepers’ Kanzine #2 – Lady Bee

“The best canning and preserving zine around! This issue, a host of contributors weigh in on the best recipes and ideas for saving the harvest. More hot canning tips, making those pickles crisp, the Scoville Heat Index, and digging up clams. Plus recipes for rhubarb jam, bing cherries, dilly beans, applesauce jar cakes, bread & butter pickles, cranberry orange scones, really quick pickles, blueberry pie filling, boozy pear conserve, and more…”



– Jude

HOMUNCULUS zine fair edition

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Reposting this for the wonderful organizers of this event:

Thinking about coming to the Pittsburgh Zine Fair on 9/22 at the Union Project, but want to “peruse” the wares before you arrive?Join us at Assemble on Saturday, 9/21 from 7-9pm for the Literary Arts Boom [The LAB]‘s HOMUNCULUS reading series where several Zine Fair participants will be reading selections from their work.

$5 donation benefits the LAB & the Zine Fair.

Frank & Sarah Cunniff
Dre Grigoropol
Ashly Nagrant
Maggie Negrete
Selections from Wild Age Press

Check back for more details! – Facebook event page is https://www.facebook.com/events/197244247117475/


Rhinestone Steel Happened! And We Were There (Sort of)!

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So the second annual Rhinestone Steel Queer music festival happened in July of this year! We were thrilled to be asked to table with zines, but were worried that we couldn’t participate because the event was scheduled at the same time as the Zine Librarians unConference in Iowa City : ( . But the amazing Danny Hayes sat with our Queer, Feminist and Transgender zines as well as with his great pamphlet on finding Queer materials at CLP. We have some of these pamphlets in the GLBT and zines sections on the First Floor.


rhinestone steel

(Photo by the most wonderful Daphne.)

Thanks to Danny and Lauren and all of the Rhinestone Steel peoples!

– Jude

Interviews with Great Folks #31: Nils

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Hi! Tell us who you are!

My name is Nils. I live in a crooked old house on the North Side of Pittsburgh with my crooked old dog. I write and draw comics under the banners, “Skeleton Balls” and “YINZ”.  I make several zines a year, maintain a website, and draw a comic for my community newspaper.

When did you start writing zines?

My first “zine” was an “underground” parody school newspaper in 8th grade. Classmates loved it, and teachers encouraged it. I had an audience. I was hooked.

Why did you start writing zines?

I’ve always been writing and drawing, but not always had someone who wanted to publish me.

Do you have any influences?

I’m inspired by people young and old that get their stories and perspectives out there into the world.

What do you write about?

In the past year, I’ve done work on projects from natural gas drilling, public transit, and the Pittsburgh Democratic Mayoral Primary. I’m currently finishing a historical tale set during the American Civil War, but it’s important for me to make silly things too.

Why are zines important to you?

When current events are happening in real time, a zine is print media on the front lines.

Recommend a zine(s)

“Amazing Facts and Beyond” by Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch

Anything you’d like to add?

I write and draw a comic for my community newspaper, “The Northside Chronicle“. Pittsburgh has several neighborhood papers in print – that get hundreds of readers every month. These publications are hungry for content, and it’s a personal goal of mine to encourage more zine writers and artists to explore their community papers for an opportunity to have their voices heard. I have compiled a comprehensive list of these papers at my website, www.skeletonballs.com/yinz , and have left lists at Copacetic Comics and Big Idea.

Thanks, Nils!

– Jude


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